Palmerston Bowls Leagues

For the benefit of members here are the current RULES FOR THE RUNNING OF THE SUMMER LEAGUES

Summer League Schedules 2020

Note that the grid on the left hand side of each programme (see this Example) can be used to allocate games to your team members - then just photocopy and distribute it.

Which version should I use?

There are two versions to choose from. If in doubt use the pdf version.

Print Version (pdf): If you just want to print it and write on your players’ names and game allocations before photocopying it, use the Print Version. Just click on the relevant blue pdf link.

Spreadsheet Version (xlsx): If you click on the blue xlsx link it will download to your computer as a spreadsheet. This allows you to type in the names of your players and game allocations and email it to them, making distribution easier, and no need for photocopying. Here is an example of how you might fill it out: Example Programme. Your computer will need to know how to deal with Microsoft Excel workbooks. If this causes you a problem, just use the pdf version.

League Print Version Spreadsheet Version
Mon 9.30am Mixed Triples pdf xlsx
Tue 9.30am Mixed Triples pdf xlsx
Tue 11.30am Mixed Triples pdf xlsx
Wed 9.30am Mixed Triples pdf xlsx
Thurs 9.30am Mixed Triples pdf xlsx
Fri 9.30am Mixed Triples pdf xlsx