This week’s Palmerston Cup games were between Milton Park verses Bridgemary Black and Banister Gold verses Fareham Blue.

The Milton Bridgemay game was a close game overall up until the last third of the game.

Bridgemary’s Bill Noble got off to a super start scoring two five’s in the first few ends, Milton’s Dave Brown fought back to come within three shots by the tenth end but Bridgemary had a strong finish to win 25 - 12.

Bridgemary’s Rose Beynon and Milton’s Steve Fell had cracker of a game with the lead changing hands constantly right up until the last end with Milton one shot ahead only for Bridgemary to score two shots and snatch the win 16 - 15.

Bridgemary’s Pete Cooper and Milton’s Mick Molly were neck and neck with only one shot between them at the halfway stage, but then Bridgemary took hold of the game and finished strongly to win 20 - 9. The final result was Bridgemary Black 61 shots (12 points) - Milton Park 36 points (0).

The Fareham Banister game was all Fareham’s from the start. Fareham’s Cyril Friend got off to a strong start and were leading 14 - 3 by halfway Banister’s Rod Hicks fought hard but were frustratingly never allowed to keep the scoring woods, and Fareham won 25 - 9.

Fareham’s John Travers lead from the start but Banister’s Mark Crompton stayed in touch and were only four shots behind at the seventh end only for Fareham to power on to win 32 - 9.

Fareham’s Chris Kircher stormed off to a 20 -1 lead at halfway but Banister’s Loraine Slater fought back hard in the second half but the damage was done and Fareham won 26 - 15. The final result was Fareham Blue 83 shots (12 points) - Banister Park 33 shots (0 points).

Brian Knight
Competition Secretary

Palmerston Cup at 23 January 2022

League Matches Rinks Shots Points Adj Points
P W D L W D L Diff Adj
Fareham Blue44001200241289.24857.6
Eastleigh Red Devils540112031491494848
Banister Gold5401101489894545
Meon Valley5203609-84-100.82428.8
Priory Miltonians420250767.22226.4
Bridgemary Black4202507-16-19.22226.4
Solent Cavaliers4202507-51-61.22226.4
Fareham Green4004318-118-141.678.4
Milton Park50051014-216-21622

Adjustment: The points and shot difference of teams that will only play 5 games in the 6 rounds are increased by 1/5th

Positions are determined by adjusted points then adjusted shot difference

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About the Palmerston Cup

This competition, now in its tenth year, is run during the winter season at Palmerston Indoor Bowls Club, Fareham. This is an open competition for outdoor bowling clubs to compete against each other on the indoor carpet and is a means of keeping in touch with members when their club is closed.

The competition is played on Sunday evenings with games starting at 6.00pm. Each team requires a minimum of nine players as each match consists of three rinks of triples. Most teams have a squad of more than nine players who are used on a rotational basis, and being an Open competition, the teams can be all of the same gender or mixed. Teams usually play fortnightly and there will be weeks when your team would have stand downs when the other leagues are playing, so you do not have to turn out every Sunday. This year the 9 teams will initially play 5 or 6 games against each other in a mini-league before the knockout stage. The scoring system is two points for each winning rink and a further six points for the team with the overall winning score (twelve points are available for each game). Teams who only play 5 games will have their points and shot difference increased by 1/5th to compensate for missing a game. The results of this league will determine the 8 teams who will go into the quarter finals in the knockout stage. The knockout draw will be seeded based on table position, so there is an incentive to finish as high as possible to obtain a favourable draw.

Prize money will mean the winning team receiving £200 down to £75 for the fourth placed team.

Brian Knight
Competition Secretary

The full OFFICIAL RULES may be downloaded here.

The results and schedule are updated automatically after the competition operator enters the scores.