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Collecting items from club lockers

We understand that some local outdoor bowls clubs are planning to open on a restricted basis in the near future. However some people's bowls will still be in their lockers at Palmerston, which as you know is closed.

To help you, we have arranged the following times when someone will come and open the club so that members can collect items:

    Friday 22nd May 10 am - 12 noon

    Monday 25th May 9 am - 10 am

    Sunday 31st May 10 am - 11 am

Make sure you bring your Palmerston member card. Only one person (or man and wife) will be admitted at any time in order to observe social distancing.

If you come at any other time the place will be locked and you won't get in.

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Offer of help - Locks Heath area

Another generous spirit in our bowls community is offering fetch and carry help to elderly members who are having difficulties with being confined to the house for safety. She is even prepared to exercise the dog!

Mo Browne says "I too would like to offer my services to any elderly member in the Locks Heath, Warsash, Bursledon or Titchfield area, who might need shopping, prescription, dog walking or any other help they might need."

Of course not everyone has access to our web site or has an email address. So if you know someone who might need help and is unaware of this offer please check whether they are ok.

If help is needed please email their name and phone number to and Mo will get in touch.

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Offer of help - Gosport area

Apart from the bowls we can no longer play, many of us are missing the excellent meals in the club restaurant cooked by Debbie's team. There were many regular customers and Debbie was always busy. But now with the club closed, she finds herself at a loose end, having cleaned the cupoards several times over!

Therefore she has decided to offer fetch and carry help to any local elderly members who are having difficulties with being confined to the house for safety. She is happy to run errands: shopping, fetching prescriptions, etc. Even delivering prepared food if needed. Obviously she will observe the recommended social distancing practices and will not be able to enter people’s homes.

This is entirely on a voluntary basis, there is no charge involved, she isn’t expecting petrol money. She just wants to help where help is needed.

So if you find yourself in this situation or know an elderly member, in or near the Gosport area, who needs some assistance, please get in touch. Send an email to with the member's name and phone number, and we will pass the details along.

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One Month On - Monday 20th April

Is it only 4 weeks since our bowling was suddenly cut off and our anticipation of the finals week, the climax of the winter season, was quashed? No longer being able to walk in, a quick hello to the steward and a dash into the changing room to get ready to play. Chatting with your team members waiting to pay their rink fees. Do you remember?

Remembering this makes it seem such a long time ago. Last weekend was to be Palmerston's first Open Singles Circuit event. During all those weeks of planning and preparation, how could we have envisaged inactivity taking its place?

Sadly this is the state of the world now and we are all suffering, although we know it is what we all must do in the face of this scourge. We are all experiencing the strain of having to live within our own four walls and not seeing friends and family. However we hope you are all still in touch with family and close friends by phone or electronic means and that you and they are getting the basic essentials you need.

Looking forward into the future is very difficult. We know the Government is determined to ensure the lockdown is not relaxed too soon, otherwise a "second wave" of the pandemic could strike and overwhelm the NHS. We are told that the measures seem to be working although we daily see the heartache of those families whose loved ones are taken. Seeing these stories gives us all the determination to see this through. As important as bowls is to all of us, everyone’s health and well-being continues to be our absolute priority.

Our club will re-open at some point, but we cannot say when because we will not resume until it is safe, and we are permitted to do so. However while the club remains closed, there are still some maintenance and administration tasks for some of our volunteers. Bills still come in and need to be dealt with. Competition entries for the next winter season are being submitted. We have completed an exercise in phoning team leaders to obtain members email addresses and we are gradually getting these addresses in and logging them on the database. (Please note it's not just team leaders. We'd like everyone to send us their email address. if you haven't submitted yours please send an email to emails @ so we can pick up your email address).

During this close down, Board members are regularly checking the building, inside and out, ensuring that when we do eventually return, the facilities will again be able to provide the means to enjoy the sport we are all aching to return to.

Until we meet again, please stay safe, stay healthy and stay indoors wherever possible during these challenging times.

With our Best Wishes,

PIBC Board of Directors

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Palmerston fully closed - Tuesday 24th March

Following the Prime Minister's statement yesterday it will not be possible to open the club on Thursday 26th or Friday 27th for members to access their lockers as previously advised. The club remains closed to everyone: members, visitors and volunteers, unless expressly approved by me. To get in touch please phone 01329 740240.

Other relevant information still applies:

  • The final Winter league results will be based on the positions on Friday 13th March
  • The AGM is postponed to Saturday 19th September.
  • The Club finals are postponed until the Autumn.
  • The County finals due to be played at Palmerston are postponed until the Autumn. Provisional dates are 26th September for Men and 27th September for Ladies.
  • The Open Singles Circuit event is cancelled.
  • Members needing to submit national competition entry forms should send them, with the money, direct to competition secretary Brian Knight at 5 Leamington Crescent, Lee-On-The-Solent, Gosport, Hants, PO13 9HJ. Forms must reach Brian by 4th April. If you need a form, send an email without delay to Brian using the "Contact Us" page addressed to the Mens Competition Secretary.
  • We urge you to provide us with your email address if you haven't already done so. See the next item below.

Bill Jackson - Chairman

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Email alerts

Please note that because no-one will be able to visit the club, the most practical way we will be able to give further Palmerston news in the future is through this website. But as all activity at the club is at a standstill (apart from necessary maintenance) it is unlikely that there will be much in the very near future. Clearly we don't expect you to keep looking at this website every day. Therefore if and when we do need to communicate with members it will help enormously if all members with an email address give it to us so we can alert you as soon as something changes.

You can give us your email address by clicking HERE or following the instructions given on the front page of the latest Palm Reader newsletter available elsewhere in this website.

Next week we intend to phone those league team leaders whose email addresses we don't have to see if we can get an email address from them. We will also ask them to phone their team members and ask them to do the same. There are a lot to get through (well over 100) so it will take a while but hopefully we will end up with a means of getting future news quickly to as many members as possible.

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Palm Reader

The latest March 2020 edition of the Palm Reader produced by Marie Leonard is now available.

Read the latest issue.

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2020-2021 Winter League Registration

Registration forms are available from the steward or via download here.

Closing date for final withdrawals or registrations is 14th July. Schedules for league matches will be available from 12th August.

Bill Jackson