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Summer season slowdown

The Summer season runs from Monday 25th March to Sunday 8th September. Many of our members play outdoors at this time of year, but there are quite a few bowlers taking advantage of their Palmerston membership and bowling here through the Summer.

Due to the lower numbers, the club closes most afternoons and evenings. Full details of the Summer Season weekly programme can be found on the Documents page

If you are not already in a summer league team, please don't hesitate to come to the mixed drives.

Competitions, club, County and National don't start again until the Autumn and also the friendly matches. Therefore inevitably there won't be much news over this period but keep calling back here occasionally as I'll post any information when I get it.

Steve Ellis

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Palm Reader

The latest March 2024 edition of the Palm Reader produced by Marie Leonard is now available.

Read the latest issue.

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Winter Leagues 2024-25

Have you found a place in a team for next season's winter leagues which start in September?

If you are a recent bowler don't hesitate to join the leagues because you'll get great experience which will improve your game. If you need advice or help please don't hesitate to ask. We encourage you to find others to form a new team - we will help. There is a list on the league notice board where you can indicate which league you would like to play in.

There are vacancies in most leagues for new teams and we can still accept applications for teams up to end June.

To form a new team, apply using a registration form.

Lesley Howell
Winter League Secretary

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Saturday afternoon Mixed Drive

The new Saturday afternoon Mixed Drive has already proved popular.

As a reminder, you team up with others picked out of the bag, so you get pot luck who you play with. If you are a more experienced player, please encourage the newbies because don't forget you were one a while ago. If you are a newbie, just enjoy it and don't worry about "performing", no-one expects you to bowl like a champion, every week you will improve.

Make sure you get there at the latest 10 minutes beforehand.

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Stay in touch with the latest information by receiving emails from the club. We don't do marketing so rest assured this is only used when we have something useful to communicate.

We will need your email address which we can pick up if you just send us a general enquiry using the contact page.