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Social Evening Saturday 12th February

The entertainer is the very well known Phil Owen who plays a variety of music with his guitar. He has been a popular choice in the past with our members, many of whom take to the dance floor - ballroom, jive, shuffle, etc. Come along and enjoy the food, drink and entertainment at your favourite club.

Ticket prices are £15.50 for members, £16.50 for guests. Please book in as soon as possible so we can plan for numbers attending. Write your names on the social notice board in the club, choose your menu items and pay at the bar with your member card.

Please retain your receipt as this is your entry ticket.

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Summer League registration now open

Registration has begun for the summer leagues.

As before the sheets are displayed on the front windows of the office. Write your name in to a team slot in whichever league(s) you want to join. If you are unsure which team to join, there is a separate list, which we will use to try to find spaces in teams needing more players.

Don't hesitate to form a new team. Being a team leader just means making a playing rota at the start of the season. It is very straightforward and we are here to give you help if needed.

The summer league is for mixed triples, playing each weekday starting Monday 28th March. There is one session per day from 9:30am to 11:30am. We will also try to arrange a second session on Tuesdays at 11:30am - 1:30pm, but this will depend on whether enough people sign up. On other weekdays the 11:30am - 1:30pm session is available for rollups. The club is closed on Saturdays in the summer but open on Sunday mornings for rollups.

A registration fee of £1 per league will be added to your rink fee when you play your first game. Please read the notice displayed in the club which gives more details.

Closing date for registration is 13th February.

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Palm Reader

The latest December 2021 edition of the Palm Reader produced by Marie Leonard is now available.

Read the latest issue.

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Email alerts

The most practical way to give further Palmerston news is through this website. If and when we do need to communicate with members it will help enormously if all members with an email address give it to us so we can alert you as soon as something changes. We don't do marketing so rest assured this is only used when we have something useful to communicate.

You can give us your email address by clicking HERE. If that doesn't work, send a short message to the email address on the front page of the latest Palm Reader newsletter.