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Palmerston reopening 17th May

Finally, after 6 long months the Prime Minister has confirmed that indoor sports and hospitality may reopen on Monday 17th May. The club will reopen at 9am and the restaurant at noon. Please read the following important points.

When we open we are still subject to the same restrictions as last September/October until further relaxation of the rules is possible. All visits - for bowling or restaurant - must be booked. See booking details below. Mask wearing and social distancing still apply.

Bowlers will enter 15 minutes before the session, as before round the "snake" via the locker rooms. You may use your locker to store your bowls but you still cannot change there. You will record your entry on the list or by smartphone app, and sanitise your hands. Then to the stewards desk to pay with your member card and on to the left or right hand side of the green to change shoes.

Before beginning bowling please reacquaint yourself with the Covid-secure bowling procedures printed on the sheet on the rink desk. We appreciate that some people will see these procedures as excessive now they have been vaccinated, but the virus is still a threat to some and the rules are there to protect the whole community.

It is summer season so there are two bowls sessions per day (except closed on Saturdays) 9:30am - 11:30am and 12pm - 2pm. The first 2 weeks to 30th May will be booked rollups.

The usual drive is on Mondays and Fridays at 12noon - 2pm. Also from 9th June there will be an evening drive every Wednesday from 7pm to 9pm.

If you want to play in the Summer League, you must put your name down on the registration sheets in the club by the deadline of Sunday 23rd May. This allows us a couple of days to make up the schedules so team leaders can then collect them to organise all their games. The leagues will commence on Monday 31st May. Summer league rules and procedures will be displayed alongside the registration sheets at the front of the office. There is a £1 fee for each league you play in which will be collected in the first week.

To book for rollups phone the steward on the club number 01329 232005. This week the line will be open from 10am to 1pm on Wednesday 12th, Thursday 13th and Friday 14th. Afterwards, when the club is open, you should aim to phone before noon. All the names of the people bowling should be given, up to 6 per rink. If less than 6, others may book to join you.

Debbie is looking forward to seeing members and their guests back in the restaurant, although we are still obliged to keep to Covid-secure rules : up to 6 per table, masks to be worn until seated. For restaurant bookings the phone number is 01329 232214. If there is no one there please leave a message and someone will call you back later.

Don't forget to bring your member card for bowling and bar payments, we will not accept cash (except £10 or £20 notes for topping up your member card, although we prefer debit/credit card for topups). However the restaurant, as a separate business, cannot take a member card for payment but still accepts the normal forms of payment - debit cards (preferred) or credit cards or cash.

Board of Directors

11th May

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Winter Leagues

Many members will be wondering how we plan to set up the next winter leagues in September.

In normal years we have asked teams to re-register in February, which of course hasn't been possible this year. We think it is now impractical to run a full re-registration exercise, when many members don't come in to the club in the summer. However we expect that most of the teams who played last Autumn before the lockdown will want to enter the leagues again in September.

So the present plan is to base the winter league on the existing teams. We will contact the team leaders over the next few weeks to check they are still able to field a team. Some of their players might not be available, and some other members will want to return. Therefore, as with last season, if we have a short fall we will try to mix and match to make full teams or if even more players return we can add teams, space permitting.

With this in mind, we would ask any members who plan to return next September but were not in a league last September to contact us to let us know which leagues you would be available to play in. You can use our contact form. If you leave your number, we can phone you to discuss your preferences. We will be doing this over the next few months but please don't leave it too late, and if your circumstances change let us know.

The league programmes should be available as usual in August although it's too early to give you the exact timing. We will give more details of how this is going in future news articles.

Lesley Howell - Ladies League Secretary
Tony Jennings - Men's and Mixed League Secretary

25th April 2021

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Email alerts

The most practical way to give further Palmerston news is through this website. If and when we do need to communicate with members it will help enormously if all members with an email address give it to us so we can alert you as soon as something changes. We don't do marketing so rest assured this is only used when we have something useful to communicate.

You can give us your email address by clicking HERE. If that doesn't work, send a short message to the email address on the front page of the latest Palm Reader newsletter available elsewhere in this website.