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Another offer of help - Hedge End area

Another of our stalwart members, Alan Gill, has offered to help members who are having difficulty with shopping, fetching prescriptions, etc.

If you need help in this lockdown and live in the area around Hedge End (as far as Locks Heath) please contact Alan by sending an email to with your name and phone number and he will get in touch.

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An offer of help around the Locks Heath area

In the Summer Mo Browne generously offered help to members who are having difficulties with being confined to the house for safety. She is again offering this help.

Mo says "I would like to offer my help to anyone in the Locks Heath, Warsash, Park Gate area with any shopping, prescriptions, dog walking or anything else during this lockdown."

Even if you don't need help yourself, please bear in mind not everyone has access to our web site or has an email address. So if you know someone who might need help and is unaware of this offer please check whether they are ok and pass the word to Mo if she can help.

To make contact with Mo please email the member's name and phone number to and Mo will get in touch.

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Debbie's offer of help in the Gosport area

Once again, many of us are missing the excellent meals in the club restaurant cooked by Debbie's team. Now with the club closed, she finds herself with time on her hands and regrets she cannot help her regular customers.

During the previous lockdown, Debbie delivered cooked meals to local members who were having difficulties confined to their homes. She is offering to do the same again. There will be a charge to cover the cost only, she isn’t expecting to make a profit. She just wants to help where help is needed. Obviously she will observe the recommended social distancing practices and will not be able to enter people’s homes.

So if you find yourself in this situation or know a member, in or near the Gosport area, who needs some assistance, please get in touch. You can contact her by calling the club restaurant number 01329 232214 as this is being diverted to Debbie's phone during the lockdown. Alternatively send an email to with the member's name and phone number. She will call to discuss requirements and then, if possible, deliver the following day from 12 noon onwards.

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Email alerts

The most practical way to give further Palmerston news is through this website. If and when we do need to communicate with members it will help enormously if all members with an email address give it to us so we can alert you as soon as something changes. We don't do marketing so rest assured this is only used when we have something useful to communicate.

You can give us your email address by clicking HERE. If that doesn't work, send a short message to the email address on the front page of the latest Palm Reader newsletter available elsewhere in this website.