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Open Day Email Addresses

One of the lessons learned at our Open Day was that it is not practical to collect email addresses by asking people. I wanted to have them as a second method of contact if we didn't get the phone number right but I'm sure quite a few were not correct. Email addresses need to be 100% right else they do not work at all.

So I have thought of another way of getting them. Anyone who wants to make sure we have the correct address, please send an email to just containing your name and the last 3 digits of your phone number. Your email system will give me the correct email address and I can check it tallies with your phone number.

Russell Gadd

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Open Day Feedback

We had a very successful Open Day. A large number of people came to visit and try bowling. As a result we have a long list of beginners wanting to proceed to coaching prior to joining. This will be a great start on our way to achieving our objective of increasing membership back to pre-Covid levels.

It was so busy at times that some people had to queue for some time. I apologise to those visitors who were kept waiting, but we wanted to make sure everyone had enough time on the green. Many thanks to the coaches and helpers who did a sterling job for several hours without break.

After their hard work on Saturday we now have to persuade the coaches to do more hard work, as we will need to put on a lot of coaching courses to get everyone through the coaching in a reasonable time. Even so I'm afraid some people will have to wait a lot longer than I would like to get them on a course, but we will try to make it as quick as possible. Weekends were the most popular choice. If you are more flexible about when you are able to do the coaching this can help to get it done sooner.

If you want to contact me for any reason please use the enquiry form on the contact page.

Russell Gadd

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2023-2024 Club Competitions

Entry forms for the club competitions are now available along with a copy of the rules.

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Ladies Club Competitions

I am hoping to get some new ladies to take part in the Ladies Competitions this coming season. I know that some ladies are reticent to take part as they feel they are not good enough.

What I propose is trying a Ladies Drawn Pairs Competition. If you are interested just put your name under Drawn Ladies Pairs on the Competition form.

After I have received all the competition forms, I will make two lists, one of experienced bowlers and one for not so experienced bowlers. That way each pair will be made up in such a way that each pair will have the same chance of winning the competition.

Please give it a go as we need to encourage more competitors.

Rosemary Jasper

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You can give us your email address by clicking HERE. If that doesn't work, send a short message to the email address on the front page of the March 2020 Palm Reader newsletter.